IIt is my immense pleasure to let you know that T. M. Vidyapith is a Bengali medium public school. The School aims at teaching in Bengali all the subjects . But English is taught in such a way that the students can learn English better than any other schools. A natural question may peep in the mind of common people – “why Bengali medium ? The Answer is as Rabindranath said – “Mother tongue is as like as mother’s breast milk”. It is very apt and appropriate in this regard to say that proper education can be achieved and even proper development of brain can be made only through mother tongue. If one can learn mother tongue adequately then other language can easily take its own place. The great stalwarts, scientists, educationists and even the freedom fighters were brought up in the lap of mother tongue and simultaneously they learn English automatically. In a word, it can emphatically be told that a child can have a natural breath in their own language. In most of the developed countries, the students are given their education in their mother tongue.

In this perspective, I, being a connoisseur to education try to up hold an earnest appeal to our honorable parents to extent their co-operation to fulfill our most logical step so as our students can foster themselves in our mother lingual and educational atmosphere.

The school follows the syllabi prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education in Bengal medium. The process of NOC and affiliation is on process.

The students are supposed to learn by reading, listening and watching by themselves. We wish to inculcate those three skills among them. They are also advised not to be dependent on others, rather they should be dependent on themselves. We never believe in the so called policy – “commit to memory and vomit to paper”, which is right now very tactfully being practiced especially in the field of education.

Presently discipline is a word preserved in the dictionary but not practised in our life. I feel proud of saying that discipline is strictly followed in our school, as it is called without discipline is like a boat without a rudder, Nothing is achieved without strict discipline in our life,

In spilt of all those, Co-curricular and Ex-Curricular activities are equally stressed so as our students can be a complete man. Even our school conducts various competitive examination. Thus the exam phobia of the students may wither away normally and naturally. To find out the leadership quality among students the whole school is divided in many Houses and House Activities are practised routine wise.

I firmly believe that teaching learning process is not a burden to the students but it is “learn with fun”.

Dr. Subodh Kumar Sarkar