Non-academic disciplines like music, dance, painting, cooking, clay modeling and training in chess, cricket, yoga, karate, basketball, footbal etc. make up the co-curricular activities. If children are left to learn different disciplines within the school hours, little will be achieved. Keeping this in mind , every 2nd and 4th Saturdays are set apart for co-curricular activities for students of Grade II to V.

Public Speaking
In the highly competitive world of today children need to learn to be better communicators. Introducing them to public speaking from an early age gives them an advantage. Here they learn the art of expressing opinions on a series of topics, so as to tone their oral language skills through diction, voice modulation etc. in addition, other similar activities can also be taken up side by side to make them even better communicators. Some such activities are: • Extempore • Debates • Elocution

Art and Craft
It gives the children yet another venue to broaden their horizons. Our skilled teachers will provide guidance, direction and opportunity in engaging themselves in a number of fun filled, interesting activities

Social Work
School social workers are a vital part of the total education team. Working in collaboration with other groups also trains the child on the importance of working in teams. It helps him connect with others to understand their problems. It teaches him to be committed to the pursuit of social justice. In addition to our students, we also hope, parents will come forward to help out in our social work projects.