T. M. Vidyapith is an eminent and exemplary institution aims at imparting quality education, steadfast in its objective so as to initiate a versatile development of a child’s personality in a congenial and harmonious atmosphere to nurture a child for overall development. If we work upon immortal minds and imbibe them with principles and love of our fellowmen they will brighten to all eternity. Twenty First Century demands education technology, which suits the present world. As a pioneer co-educational institution, T. M. Vidyapith aims at growing the multi-faceted personality of a child with the help of modern and sophisticated educational aids and provides best amenities and opportunities to unravel the latent of the students.

To make the process of learning enjoyable rather than a burden, emphasis is laid on imparting the school principles by ‘Learning by Doing’. Many innovative ideas have been implemented to facilitate the overall development and the academic well-being of the students. Among these are the English Extempore Competitions, and Inter-House Elocution Contests etc. Introduction of English Speaking Classes at the junior level and hobby clubs are ideas that have also been very well received by the students. All these activities aim at increasing the oral proficiency in English among the students. And at the same time it helps to infuse a sense of confidence and responsibility among the learners.

Learning in such creative ways, inspire a real passion for discovery and learning. Such activity-based approach of ‘Learning by Doing’, teachers the young learners to be creative by analytically solving problems and at the same time makes learning an enjoyable and interesting process.

T. M. Vidyapith is a co-educational Day-scholar, Day-boarding and Boarding School, where our students are looked after by well trained staff who help them in their daily needs as well as help them in their studies.

• We are located at Bahiri Nimtala, 6km east of Bolpur.